Alternative WhatsApp client

Use the same whatsapp number on multiple devices simultaneously
Real-time translation of whatsapp chats
WhatsApp APIs for developer

Why use Mercury?

You can use the Whatsapp® API for send and receive text, links, files, pictures and much more.







What can you do with the WhatsApp API?

In this example you can see how we used the WhatsApp API to receive messages sent to the number +447624170993.
In time the messages will be translated and displayed. Try sending us a message with WhatsApp.


Hey, check out this Pure CSS speech bubble...

10:20 pm


Hey, check out this Pure CSS speech bubble...

10:20 pm
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How Mercury works?

Easy and fast! All you need is a smartphone with Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business.

Pair a number

Pair your account number to connect it to Mercury. You can set up multiple accounts.

Leave the phone on

Your phone must be powered and connected to the internet so that you can receive and send WhatsApp messages from the Mercury platform

Start chatting

Whit Mercury you can have WhatsApp Web available on multiple devices. Real-time translations for any language. WhatsApp APIs


Try our independent whatsapp client designed for companies that want to communicate with their customers. Build your own BOT thanks to WHATSAPP APIs

whatsapp multiple client on multiple pc

WhatsApp client on multiple PCs

Manage multiple Whatsapp accounts and numbers. Thanks to Mercury's API you can connect different users to make an efficient and scalable communications management.

WhatsApp API

Insert WhatsApp in your systems (CRM, ERP, web software, etc.) thanks to the use of whatsApp APIs.

Schedule Messages and Auto Reply on WhatsApp

Schedule your whatsApp messages, send multiple messages to your contacts and set auto reply when you are offline.

Real-time translate

Don't worry about the country of your customers who write to you via whatsapp. With Mercury you will be able to translate your chats in time, so you can focus more on your business.

Pricing pay per use

Choose how long to use the service, pay the service for the different time (hour or day or month or year).
Try the service for free, NO credit card required


at hour


at day


at month


at year

With Mercury you can connect Whatsapp to your business.
Maximize results and improve customer relationships.

Beware of missing this business chance!
Find out the power of the Whatsapp communication channel.


Send notifications on Whatsapp


Send alerts through Whatsapp API

Help desk

Provide support to your customers on Whatsapp


Send reminders about what to do


Send and verify 2FA security codes


Send updates via Whatsapp

Account activation

Send activation codes to users


Send quotes to potential customers

Global customers

Manage customers from all over the world thanks to translations tool


Improve sales of products or services


Manage orders quickly with Whatsapp chat

Delivery tracking

Send and receive shipping information