The Achilles Heel of WhatsApp.

Yes, even the giant WhatsApp, undisputed ruler of messaging apps, has some weaknesses. But we have the solution: let's find out how to use WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously, with only one account.

Vanessa Elliott
Jun 25 - 8 min read

Spam zone! Starting from the worst case.

The importance of respecting the rules. Any business strategy worthy of the name should absolutely not result in a negative message for our customers.

Vanessa Elliott
April 19 - 5 min read

Ready to break into the international market?

To date, one of the first rules suggested by any startup-mentor is to quit the concept of "local market", and start from the beginning by deploying marketing and sales strategies aimed at customers all over the world.

Vanessa Elliott
May 13 - 4 min read

An APIs swarm for your business.

How to exploit the potential of WhatsApp API. Programmatic access via WhatsApp API could be a fundamental requirement to create chatbots, support systems an much more.

Vanessa Elliott
May 06 - 2 min read