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Ready to break into the international market?

Published by Vanessa - May 13, 2019

How to manage customers from all over the world

Ready to break into the international market?

We are already in what many authors have called the "third industrial revolution". The fast technological and IT development, combined with growing universal communication policies, have totally revolutionized the concept of globalization. Consequently, the concepts of the world economy and the international market have taken hold. 🌏

To date, one of the first rules suggested by any startup-mentor is to quit the concept of "local market", and start from the beginning by deploying marketing and sales strategies aimed at customers all over the world. At first glance, it seems like being able to fish in a full-fish sea, but the reality is quite different... 🐠🐟
There is no room for everyone! ⛔️

The global market scenario increases the opportunities, but at the same time, competitors and the risk of failure also increase. Companies that want to join the game must get a new way of thinking and play. It becomes very important to develop a business plan that includes an international business strategy and that favors, if possible, a segmentation of the global market.

Unfortunately, starting an international marketing planning process, which is difficult for larger companies, seems almost impossible for SMEs.
What you need are effective tools that allow you to easily communicate with users around the world.

Mercury provides a tool to chat with WhatsApp users from all over the world. The real-time translation chat allows you to manage customers of any nationality and in any language.

How does it work? 🤔

Suppose I’m a Canadian company salesman who speaks English and French well, but not Arabic or Chinese. What will I do if a Chinese customer contacts me for a large order? I note the contact and say that a colleague who speaks Chinese will call him?
Of course, it is an option, as long as I can manage to make myself understood, and always that the customer doesn’t get tired and look for a solution elsewhere.
With Mercury, if the Chinese customer chats to me on our WhatsApp business chat, I see the translation directly, and I can immediately reply in my language. The customer will receive the message translated in his native language, in real time! This not only increases the success rate but also offers a better customer experience (not to be underestimated given the importance of reviews). Of course, for very effective communication, the chat translation must reflect the actual conversation rather than simply being an exchange of incorrect information. This would be even more embarrassing! 😩
With Mercury, you can avoid this risk, thanks to an efficient advanced API system that uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to return correct translations in real time.

Don't let your company miss this opportunity!

Live chat is the most popular communication channel and customers favorite.
The numbers don't lie, according to a Forrester report, the number of customers using live chat has increased by 50% every year since 2012. If these data are crossed with those on the popularity of WhatsApp, we immediately notice the potential of a tool like Mercury, which allows to automatically manage corporate communication with WhatsApp, and with customers of any language!

Mercury, to the target and beyond! 🚀