Whatsapp Business, a gold mine for enterprises

Whatsapp breaking into the business world

Published by Vanessa - April 19, 2019

The Whatsapp Business irruption

It has finally arrived! Whatsapp Business is with us.

The release of the business version of the most famous messaging app in the world, purchased 5 years ago by Zuckerberg for 19 billion, dates back to 2018.

Considering the popularity of the original app, the Whatsapp known by all of us, it is reasonable to expect that this innovation will bring exponential growth in the global business ecosystem. In Italy, a market survey reports that, even before the launch of the business version, 69% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) considered it an essential tool to facilitate interaction with customers, and 52% talked about it even as an integral part of its business (Wired survey source).
These numbers shouldn't surprise us if we consider that Whatsapp has reached, worldwide, 1 billion and 500 thousand active users per month! In Italy, Whatsapp is first for downloads and has registered a double growth rate compared to Facebook.
The infographic of the 2018 report of We Are Social and Hootsuite® provides a clear idea:

Let's add some more data to understand the reason why companies can't avoid including Whatsapp as a communication channel:

  • 89% of users want to communicate with companies quickly, whether it is about information, quotes, assistance or any other, it doesn't matter. The keyword is only one: right away! SMS, live chat, but especially instant messaging apps haven't competitors.
  • 77% said they constantly look at message notifications, while the frequency lowers a lot for social app, email etc.

This time the source is a survey done by Twilio® on a international scale. (source link)

No doubts! Messages work and convert because they are simple and fast. Better if informal, but this is a thorny topic about the relationship between company and loyal customers. This aspect of customer experience needs particular attention, we will come back later... Some valuable advice can already be found in our blog article 👉 Spam zone! The worst of cases.

To improve the conversation between company and consumers: that's the reason why Whatsapp Business was born. Anyone who owns a business or an entrepreneurial activity has noticed that he cannot forbear from using it, or at least he will soon notice.

But one piece of the puzzle is still missing... How to use it? 🤔

We don't talk about the practical use (in terms of functions and features it is the same of usual Whatsapp), but how about inserting it in the activity cycle already existing in the company. On closer inspection, if it's true that it will lead to an increase in contacts and sales, it's also true that someone will have to dedicate time and work to it.

🕵️ Let's have a look a simple example: a customer care department consisting of 5 or 6 people, manages on average (we suppose) 100 customers per day. If then the marketing director decides to send a newsletter to all the contacts available to show the new Whatsapp Business channel, in a short time the 100 clients per day could become 500, or even 1000. It will, therefore, be necessary to employ double or triple of the staff? To tell the truth, in an excellent economy it wouldn't seem at all a very convenient solution.
So how to do it?

Activating a business account is not enough, but it is necessary to equip employees with a tool that allows them to manage the huge amount of work automatically.

❌ Is it impossible? No! A tool exists... and its name is Mercury 💣.

Mercury is the solution that allows you to integrate Whatsapp business into your business system. Manage chats and contacts completely automatically, without wasting time or resources. 🎯

How it works? 😳

It's very simple, and you don't need to be a developer genius or a marketing wizard.
With Mercury you can:

  • send lots of real time messages
  • send tasks to your collaborators and coordinate activities
  • import contact lists
  • create an auto-reply chatbot to use when operators aren't available
  • transfer a chat from an operator's PC to another, using multiple instances
  • carry out massive marketing campaigns and lead generation with just one click
  • integrate this whole system with other business tools thanks to the Mercury APIs
  • and much, really much more...

All features can be consulted on our home page, and will soon increase. Ours is a young and stubborn development team, always looking for new solutions and add them to our project.

Companies, especially Italian companies, need tools that allow them to be competitive on a national and international scale. This is Mercury's mission!

Mercury, to the target and beyond! 🚀