Spam zone! The worst case

The importance of respecting the rules

Published by Vanessa - April 19, 2019

How to set up a strategy to avoid Spam danger

How to avoid ending up in Spam?

"Strategy": programming of an action plan used to set and coordinate actions aimed at achieving a predetermined goal.

Right away the definition makes us understand the importance of "respecting the rules of the game" to achieve the intended purpose. Whether it consists in a marketing strategy, advertising, communication or even assistance with a product or service, there is a good practice that must absolutely be respected, to avoid being insistent and annoying towards the audience. In short, we must avoid being labeled as SPAM!
Any business strategy worthy of the name should absolutely not result in a negative message for our customers, whether they are new or already acquired.

Then we talk about communication on Whatsapp the question becomes even more thorny.
Why? We are used to using Whatsapp to keep in touch with friends, family and close acquaintances, and this "intimate" character makes it an extraordinary communication tool. But compared to other channels such as e-mails, text messages, Facebook, Instagram etc. it is even more important to be respectful of the "personal area" of the user we are contacting.

We can't send Whatsapp messages to:

  1. who doesn't know us, doesn't know our brand or doesn't remember about us
  2. we cannot write to those who haven't authorized us to do it

😱 Especially after GDPR 2018!

Obviously, these rules apply to the new leads generated, but also to all our old audience of contacts accumulated over the years. What to do with all those contacts collected with so much effort (and lots of money spent 💰) on marketing channels as a form on website, trade magazine, telemarketing, advertising of Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and so on and so forth... everything wasted? Absolutely not, but you have to get back in the right way!

Don't forget about two very important aspects concerning Whatsapp!

  1. First: when we receive a message from a new contact, the first thing we see is this message:

    The buttons aren't randomly placed: Whatsapp immediately warns us that we don't know yet who wrote to us, and to protect us it suggests to REPORT or BLOCK! The button ADD TO CONTACTS is placed in last position, and this "alert" message doesn't disappear until the user responds to our message.

  2. Second: Whatsapp system considers much more relevant negative “reports”, and doesn't bear in mind those who really approve and wish to receive messages, chat with us and receive our proposals and updates. Let us always remember that, even if out of 100 people, 99 give us the permission but 1 does not, and signals us, Whatsapp could ban our account 🚨! Maybe only for a period or worse forever! In any case, our professional image would be greatly damaged. Anyone, even who has a little knowledge of marketing strategies, knows that unfortunately a negative review counts much more than ten positive feedbacks.

That's fine, but then how to do it? 🤔

We have seen that we mustn't send a direct message on Whatsapp and the reason why...
Let's analyze the 3 typical cases:

  • lead acquired but not converted yet
  • customer already acquired
  • new lead

Old lead to recover: the first thing to do is to collect all contacts we have stored and transfer them to Whatsapp. Best practice could be to contact them through other channels, for example a mail-list or a targeted campaign on social networks, where we could show the new solution and invite users to join in. We must use a CALL TO ACTION that directs users to our Whatsapp chat.

Already customer: even for those who are already our loyal customers, it may still be interesting to receive new business proposals, service updates or other communications. In this case, push them on Whatsapp channel is quite simple: just let them know about this opportunity, for example, when they asks for assistance.

New lead: now we analyze the most critical case, but also the most attractive one: the new lead to be converted into a satisfied customer. Here the best practice is undoubtedly to direct our acquisition campaigns towards our Whatsapp channel, for example by creating a landing page where we explain why they should sign up: reserved benefits, discounts, promotions, information you will receive ... The ideas are really endless! Besides, this acquisition process can be automated thanks to an efficient chatbot, but we'll take care of it... 🤖

Whatever the type of user we want to achieve, regardless of our target (awareness, remarketing, retention, referral etc.), we need always keep in mind that we mustn't direct our communications to a crowd of confused users. Quite the opposite, we have to establish ono-to-one relationship with really interested customers.

Let's sum up... 🕵️

4 things to remember before using Mercury:

  • contact only an aware user and make sure that it is his "click" to start the process
  • avoid aggressive communication policies for not being listed as a spammer
  • avoid mass messages to a disoriented crowd. Segment the communications according to features and needs of the users
  • establish trusting relationships with a follow-up of interesting and useful content for customers

By respecting these 4 simple but basic rules you will have no difficulty to create an automated communication strategy on Whatsapp.
Give a boost to your business!

Mercury, to the target and beyond! 🚀